Former Fiestar Member Jei Personally Reveals Her Upcoming Marriage

Congratulations to the couple!

Former Fiestar member Jei will be the group’s first married woman, as she just announced her upcoming marriage in October.

Jei shared on her personal Instagram account the news, and thanked her and Fiestar’s fans for being with her for the past eight years.

Hello, this is Jei.

It’s been a very long time since I greeted everyone through a letter, is everyone’s health doing well?

With several difficult things happening right now, I wanted to carefully share some news with everyone.

I will be getting married to a precious person I want to be with on October 9. We will be holding a small wedding with just our families and close friends.

I thought very carefully about how to let everyone know, since I thought everyone would be surprised.

It’s already been eight years since I met everyone after debuting with Fiestar in 2012.

I will live my new chapter of my life happily and with diligence to repay everyone for the love and support you have sent me.

Also, I will work hard to be a person who will show you all a good image of myself in the future.

Please send me your support and watch over me.

Thank you.

— Jei

Fiestar debuted in 2012 and saw moderate success, but ended up disbanding in 2018 following their final single “Apple Pie”. Since then, she has transitioned to acting and YouTube. She also posted a video on her YouTube channel sharing the news.