Former Flight Attendant “Recalls” Her Idol Ex-Boyfriend On Dating Show

“When we first met, he was a trainee…”

A former flight attendant’s attempt to rekindle her relationship with a former idol ten years after they broke up is making news.

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On the October 24 episode of KBS2‘s Love Recall, a contestant appeared on the show to “recall” an ex-boyfriend ten years after they broke up.

Scene from Love Recall episode | KBS

The contestant, Lee Jung Hyun, revealed how she met her future idol ex-boyfriend.

I was introduced to him through a friend. We dated for two years.

— Lee Jung Hyun

According to the contestant, her future ex-boyfriend was a trainee at the time but debuted during their relationship and immediately became famous.

When we first met, he was a trainee. He was a non-celebrity but debuted while we were together. He became really popular after they hit it big with their first song.

— Lee Jung Hyun

Unrelated idols shown for illustrative purposes on Love Recall | KBS

According to Lee Jung Hyun, she didn’t know if they would be dating, but the soon-to-debut idol took her to his dormitory, where he introduced her to his members.

We met 2-3 times and ate, but I didn’t know if we would be dating. One day he took me to his members’ dormitory and introduced me as the woman he loves. That led us to start dating.

— Lee Jung Hyun

When asked why they broke up, the contestant stated that “It was due to outside reasons. I think the label already knew about me. Because we dated even before his debut, some fans knew me. A fan even came up to me and asked, ‘That’s a “couple ring” with oppa, right?'”

Panelists on Love Recall | KBS

When asked if she had seen the idol since their break up, the contestant replied that she did. According to her, while she was a flight attendant, she had been on the same flight with the group three times.

While I was a flight attendant, the group boarded my flight. We met as a passenger and flight attendant. I think he was surprised too, as he kept asking for me. My sunbaes have seen many celebrities, but I’ve seen the group three times.

— Lee Jung Hyun

When the show finally attempted to have the couple rekindle, however, things didn’t work out. In the end, the ex-boyfriend declined to appear on the show. Through an acquaintance of his, he stated that he had retired from the entertainment industry, and appearing on the show was a bit much for him.

Because he left the entertainment industry, appearing on the show is a bit burdensome.

— Acquaintance of ex-boyfriend

Although things didn’t work out on the show, there is still a chance the two might have a reunion without the cameras.

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