Former Girl’s Day Member Jiin Reveals How She Spent The Last 10 Years Following Her Withdrawal From The Group

She debuted with Girl’s Day in 2010 but dropped out in the same year.

Former Girl’s Day member, Jiin, who is now known by her real name, Jang Hye Ri, recently made an appearance on Allympic where she talked about what she has been doing following her withdrawal from the group back in 2010.

Jang Hye Ri shared that she just released a trot album 3 months ago and expressed her gratitude for a second chance.

I debuted as a trot singer 3 months ago. People thought I was doing trot because I failed as an idol. But I’m a singer nonetheless, and I love to sing. I’m just grateful I got another chance.

— Jang Hye Ri

She revealed that she actually debuted at 14 and worked as a host on a gaming show, and later went on to debut with Girl’s Day in 2010 only to withdraw that same year.

But she stressed that she didn’t leave the group because of the members, but rather for personal reasons.

The members and I were on really good terms. I gave up because of hardships of life. I had to make a living and pay rent, insurance, and phone bills with this job, so I came up to Seoul with my mom at 14. That’s when I became the head of the household. I wasn’t using my mom’s money. I had to make my own starting then. So while the agency wanted me to put all my focus in practicing, I couldn’t do that because I had to make a living.

— Jang Hye Ri

She confessed that she does feel jealous sometimes that Girl’s Day succeeded, but she also humbly believes they succeeded because she dropped out.

I’ve been asked if I regret dropping out for the last 10 years. If I think about it now, I am a little jealous that they’re so successful. But I think they succeeded because I dropped out. They endured it and worked hard to get to where they are while I gave up.

— Jang Hye Ri

As for how she spent the last 10 years, Jang Hye Ri detailed all sorts of different things she tried up until her debut as a trot singer.

Since I had to make money, I worked as a fitting model, played in a band while living in a study dorm, and even worked at a regular company as a salarywoman. And then later on, I got a chance to perform with a band in Hongdae, and that’s how my CEO now discovered me. I’m thankful.

— Jang Hye Ri

Here’s to wishing Jang Hye Ri a successful career as a trot singer.

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch

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