Former Girls’ Generation Member Jessica Jung’s “Blanc & Eclare” Is Evicted For Not Paying Rent

The brand had been sued before for failing to pay rent on time.

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica’s fashion brand Blanc & Eclare was reportedly evicted for not paying rent.

On May 24, Law Times reported that court authorities evicted the brand from its brick-and-mortar store in Gangnam. Previously, on December 2021, the brand was sued by the building owner of their flagship store in the ritzy Cheongdam neighborhood of Gangnam for not paying rent.

BLANC & ECLARE Cheongdam store | @hyori_sunie/Twitter

According to the report, the brand signed a lease with the building owner in September 2020 but allegedly has missed rent several times from August 2021. The building owner then sued the brand in December 2021 and eventually settled with the brand on the condition that the brand would be evicted if they failed to pay.

The report states that after the settlement, however, the brand started to be delinquent on its rent starting from the end of 2022, which resulted in the brand being evicted on May 24.

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Source: lawtimes
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