Former gugudan Member Mimi And Former MBLAQ Member Thunder Confirm Relationship, Reportedly Preparing For Marriage

They have been secretly dating for four years.

Former gugudan member Mimi and former MBLAQ member Thunder have confirmed their relationship.

In separate Instagram posts, both Mimi and Thunder shared they are in a relationship and hinted at getting married.

Hello everyone.

I wanted to greet you all first, but the news was first delivered through the broadcast.

I think the fans were surprised by the sudden news, so I’m writing this handwritten letter with all my heart.

There is someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with. He is a person who always protects me during the time we are together, gives me a lot of strength even during the hard times, and helps me grow more.

I would appreciate it if you could support us for our future with warm eyes.

I hope you all are always health and only good things come to you.

— Mimi

Hello everyone, this is Thunder.

I will be revealing my relationship with Mimi through Second House.

At first, I was worried and didn’t have the courage to do so, but I gathered the courage for the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

For Mimi, who has always been calm and understanding with me,  even though I am lacking and nervous, I want to take responsibility for her and live happily with her.

Please give us a lot of support.

I also want to thank the fans who have given me their love up to this point.

I will continue to show you my best as an artist who works hard.

Please look forward to it!

P.S. To Mimi who has been the reason I live… I love you and thank you.

— Thunder

Their relationship was revealed during the preview for the next episode of Second House. Mimi and Thunder appeared in the preview, joining Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra at their house as they ask for advice on their relationship.

During the preview, they also confirmed they have been dating for four years.

According to an additional exclusive report from MBC, Thunder and Mimi are preparing for their marriage. Their wedding is reportedly being held in the second half of 2024.

Source: TheQoo and IMBC