Former Idol Was Reportedly Arrested for Following a Young Woman While High on Marijuana

The young woman was leaving her after-school class.

Channel A’s News A recently reported that another star has been involved in a drug incident, which has flipped the entertainment industry upside down.

According to the report, rapper, Young Cream smoked marijuana and was arrested without a warrant while still high on the drug.

Young Cream was a member of the idol group that Kangnam was a part of called M.I.B.

Upon a report claiming a strange man was following a young woman, the police were immediately dispatched to arrest him without a warrant.

The young woman was coming out of an after-school class when felt a stranger following her from behind, and due to the fear she experienced, she immediately asked the management office to call the police

It’s been said that Young Cream continued to ask the young woman, “Where’s the exit?

But that’s not all. Young Cream also went up to a shopping district in the building, offered his business card, and claimed, “I’ll buy this building.

The police’s drug test for marijuana came out positive, and Young Cream testified, “I tried marijuana out of curiosity.

Young Cream’s agency has yet to comment on the matter.

Source: Insight