Idol-Turned-Actor Accused Of Allegedly Hitting On A Married Woman

They suspect someone.

A former idol-turned-actor has been accused of breaking up a family. Mr. B, the 40-year-old head of a South Korean family, stepped up to accuse a “former top star idol, Mr. A,” of approaching his wife.

He was a top star and an idol in the past. He approached my wife by contacting her first. He sent things such as “I miss you,” “let’s have a drink,” and “let’s often meet” continuously through KakaoTalk. He also left emails and calls every day. There was also once when he made her drink and brought her to his house. I asked my wife later, and she said that they dated briefly before she married me.

— Mr. B

Mr. B explaining the situation. | Yonhap

His wife has photos of their family on her social media. Mr. B then accused Mr. A of purposely approaching her, and they met regularly. Mr. B was so shocked by the news, and the family ended up breaking up. Mr. B’s wife took their son to their maternal grandparents. He has not seen his son for months.

Netizens speculate the singer to be UN’s member, Choi Jung Won.

Source: theqoo