Former Idol Member Honestly Talks About His Experience With Plastic Surgery

This former idol member shares his experience with plastic surgery and even gives tips on recovery!

Song Jaeho, a former member of Madtown, shared in detail what it was like to get a nose job.

Source: Instagram


Jaeho, who used to go by H.O, has been meeting with fans through live broadcasts after departing the idol industry.

During these broadcastings, H.O often tells his fans about his experiences as an idol and performs for them as well with his superb guitar and vocal skills.


He always had a complex about his nose and so he had really wanted to get this procedure done.


But he couldn’t get it done just anywhere. It was very important to find the right place since plastic surgery can cause a wide range of side effects.

“I had consultations at many hospitals. I searched a lot and read a lot of reviews too. It’s really important.”


The doctors used cartilage from his own nose to raise the tip and added some silicon to the bridge.


He was nervous about the whole process, but it ended quickly since they put him to sleep while performing the surgery.

“Before the procedure starts, they cover your eyes (because of the light). Then you get an IV to be put under. I could hear the nurses and doctors talk, but I was so nervous. But eventually I fell asleep and when I awoke, I was being helped to the restroom. Then just 30 minutes later I went home!”


He shared some tips on what to do while recovering, because it will take months before it is fully healed.

“You have to keep applying lip balm because there’s going to be cotton in your nose so you can’t breathe through it. When you keep breathing through your mouth, your lips get really dry.”


At the end, H.O was happy with his new nose!

Source: Dispatch