Former Idols Reveal The Most Shocking Malicious Comments They’ve Received Online

They also opened up about their devastating financial struggles.

MBN‘s Miss Back is a new reality program that shows female idols who have been forgotten by the public attempting to make a return to the industry.

And in a new clip, former idols such as After School‘s Raina, STELLAR‘s Gayoung, WA$$UP‘s Nada, 9MusesSera, T-ara‘s Soyeon, Crayon Pop‘s Soyul, Dal Shabet‘s Subin, and THE ARK‘s Yujin made their anticipated returns to the screen.

In the clip, Raina confessed to having received very shocking malicious comments as an idol.

I’ve gotten multiple comments saying, ‘She has nothing to do as a has-been, so she’s resorted to YouTube.’ It made me feel like I was now useless to society.

— Raina

And when Gayoung heard this, she sympathized with her own experience when her group gained attention for their daring outfits.

On the day of filming for the MV, they brought us ballet outfits and told us to wear them. I’ve gotten a lot of comments calling us the slutty group.

— Gayoung

But that’s not all. The former idols also opened up about the financial struggles they faced in the industry.


Nada confessed,

I was with my agency for 4 years, but I never got a single cent from them. I worked my a** off to make money, but in the end, I got nothing.

— Nada

Subin also added,

When I was a trainee, the study dorm I lived at stopped getting rent money. So I ordered a coffee at a hamburger shop and slept there.

— Subin

Moreover, Sera spoke up about her panic disorder and depression, and despite having gone on a long hiatus, she still confessed to suffering to this day.

While many of the former idols talked about their hardships, Soyul, who is commonly known as Jam Jam’s mother on Superman Returns, expressed her desire to return to the stage.

I missed being on stage even after having a baby.

— Soyul

Check out the full clip below and tune in for the new variety show this coming October on MBN.

Source: Dispatch