Former Infinite Challenge member explains why he agrees the cast should leave the show

Noh Hong Chul expresses his views on the ending of “Infinite Challenge”.

Former Infinite Challenge member Noh Hong Chul revealed his thoughts on the recent claims of the show deciding to change cast and stop filming for a while.


Noh Hong Chul was a member of the show from the very beginning until he stepped down in 2014.


He agrees with the general view of the public about the possible end of the show, but he will support the decisions of the cast.

“I agree with the public. I think many people have accepted the news, but also want to deny the fact.” — Noh Hong Chul


Noh Hong Chul, who still kept in touch with the producer and cast, explained that they all seemed worn out.

“The members and producer all looked very drained. As a person who’s watched over them closely, I support all of their decisions.” — Noh Hong Chul


He also said he thinks this break would be good for Kim Tae Ho and the members and added that it was unfortunate when thinking of Jo Se Ho and Yang Se Hyung (who joined the team later), but that he believes their talents will shine through anywhere.


Until then, fans will continue to look forward to seeing the members reunite!

Source: Hankook Ilbo
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