Former I.O.I Member Kim Sohye Denies School Bullying Accusations, Promises Legal Action

She has denied all accusations.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Former I.O.I member-turned-actress Kim Sohye has firmly denied the latest set of school bullying accusations made against her and has promised to take legal action.

Idol-and-actress Kim Sohye

Earlier today via an online community site, an anonymous netizen accused Kim Sohye of being a school bully. The original poster noted that they were not the direct victim, but a third-party who went to the same middle school.

I wasn’t the victim myself, but I haven’t written a post about it until now because I was afraid the actual victim didn’t want to reveal what happened. Her fans were behaving so brazen though, so I decided to write about what happened.

Kim Sohye was standing by a bench and the victim was sitting on the bench and looking at her phone, not listening to what Kim Sohye was saying. Kim Sohye got angry, grabbed the victim’s hair, forced her on her knees, and hit her. I was so shocked that I still remember the victim holding her hands above her head in a gesture for mercy while Kim Sohye got angry. At the time, I didn’t know Kim Sohye was famous for being a delinquent. But she seemed to brag about her status to others.

Eventually, she had her vice president position taken away from her due to other incidents. Fans ask why so many people know about the incident… That’s because she talked about it herself.

— Netizen

In response to the bullying allegations, Kim Sohye’s agency S&P Entertainment firmly denied the claims and vowed to take the situation to the police for legal action.

After checking with Kim Sohye, we can confirm that the allegations are groundless. In the past, similar false claims had been made and we reported them to the police — eventually receiving an apology for the spread of false information. At the time, we settled with the malicious poster, so it’s absurd that more accusations are still being made in the same way.

We are planning on reporting this to the police.

— S&P Entertainment

Back in 2017, Kim Sohye was accused of school violence, but the accuser later apologized to Kim Sohye and S&P Entertainment for the false claim.

Source: Herald Pop and Star News