Former I-Land Trainee Attends ENHYPEN Album Release Showcase, Showing Heartwarming Support

It’s been two years since I-Land!

As fans know, BELIFT LAB group ENHYPEN were formed through the survival competition show I-Land. Twenty-three trainees competed for a position in the group, with seven making it to the final debut line-up.


Because of the trainees’ talent, fans became attached to many eliminated idol hopefuls. Several have since debuted or have plans to debut in new groups; some, like Echan (known as Jaebeom before changing his name), have gone slightly different routes.

Echan (Jaebeom) | I-Land

After being eliminated in the seventh episode of I-Land, Echan pursued another talent, songwriting as part of the music writing and production group YOUTH, co-writing and co-composing GHOST9‘s “Runaway.”

In 2022, he joined HYPLE Entertainment and released his debut digital single, “Eternal Summer.” Later that year it was announced he would be a contestant on Boys Planet, where he made it to the eighth episode before being eliminated.

| Mnet

While Echan has been active following his departure from Boys Planet, fans were still excited to see him attending ENHYPEN’s album release showcase!

ENHYPEN recently returned with “Bite Me,” impressing with all aspects of the new song! For the release, the group held a showcase for fans to attend.

In a series of Instagram stories, Echan shared moments from his night at the showcase, showing off his attendance wristband. first and then the view from his seat.

Echan was very excited to see the group perform, sharing a video clip on his story. After the showcase, Echan shared a photo of Sunoo, who he was close to during his time on I-LAND,  adorably “apologizing” for being a fan

Kim Sunoo (Sorry for fanboying on Instagram…)

Fans were excited to see him attend the show to show support!