Former IZ*ONE Members Yabuki Nako And Honda Hitomi Prove They Are True ONCEs By Showing Their Love For TWICE

We stan idols supporting idols!

When it comes to the world of K-Pop, there is nothing that fans love more than seeing idols supporting each other. Recently, as groups are able to travel and perform in front of crowds again, other idols are showcasing their support in any way possible.

In particular, two idols caught the attention of netizens after showcasing their support at a recent TWICE concert who have just finished their history-making three shows at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

During those sell-out shows, the group has played to thousands of fans and created unforgettable memories.

Members of TWICE | @twicetagram/ Instagram

Well, it seems like some special guests also attended the concert to showcase their support for the group, and it’s none other than former IZ*ONE members Nako and Honda Hitomi.

Nako and Hitomi | @official_IZONE/ Twitter

On April 24 (KST), Nako posted a picture on her Instagram showing what looked like a TWICE playlist of music with the caption, “Feels like Tokyo Dome.” Netizens thought that the idol might have been too busy to attend the concert but wanted to show her support.

However, it couldn’t be further from the truth when Nako later tweeted a picture of herself with a Jihyo picket and the caption, “I went to see the Tokyo performance.”

If that wasn’t enough, Honda Hitomi later posted a message to her fans sharing that she’d also gone to see the members perform at the Tokyo Dome and how much she enjoyed the show!

I went to TWICE sunbaenims’ concert yesterday!!!
It was so good…
I cried for some reason…
Because it brought up so many memories from our concerts…
I wish we can have a concert again…

| @minasmanager/ Twitter

If that wasn’t enough, the duo then shared a picture together and they definitely proved their ONCE status by holding their lightsticks proudly, and it was definitely one of the cutest things in the world.

| @hnd_htm__1006/ Twitter

For many, they loved seeing that both Nako and Hitomi had gone to support the TWICE members while they were in Japan. Yet, it isn’t the first time the idols have showcased their love for the group.

Back in 2019, Nako gained attention during the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships. ONCEs noticed Nako saluting an image of Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Tzuyu when it appeared the jumbo-screen.

Immediately, ONCEs jokingly dubbed Nako “ONCE President” due to her constantly letting her fangirl flag fly when it comes to TWICE.

Hitomi also shined when she posted a video of herself dancing to the group’s track “The Feels” after it was released last year.

It is always heartwarming to see idols supporting each other and TWICE always supported IZ*ONE and vice versa. Hopefully, the members had a chance to interact after the show and netizens can see more crumbs soon!

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