Former Jewelry Member Cho Minah’s Posts On SNS Leads Japanese Media To Speculate Whether She’s Married

“The most precious person in this world, my man.”

Japanese media has been speculating over whether former Jewelry member Cho Minah has married her boyfriend in consideration of the loved up posts and language she used in her caption.

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너무 배려하는 바보같은 저와 너무 이야기를 안하는 🤴내꼬 왕자님💕은 지금 껏 싸운 적은 없지만 2주에 한 번 텀으로 왔던 현실 커플문제를 현명하게 극복해내며 보다 견고해졌고 더 많이 사랑하고 있습니다. 각자가 생각한 최선에서 상대를 위하고 우리를 위하는 최선으로 방향을 바꾸어 노력해오는 과정안에서 이제 우리는 서로에게 없어서는 안될 존재가 되었답니다. . . . 코로나19로 인해 모두가 두려움에 떨며 지쳐있는 요즘인데요. 제가 전해드리는 저희의 예쁜 소식들이 잇님들께 다소나마 긍정의 에너지가 될 수 있길 바래봅니다 ♥️💕 . . . . #힘내요우리 #긍정의힘

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The first post reads as follows:

I’m too considerate to the point of being silly and is too good at keeping to himself. So we haven’t really had any fights, but we did face some disagreements every two weeks or so. And getting through those moments got us wiser and stronger. We’re more in love than ever. We’re trying to think of each other in the best of our abilities and we’re trying to change for each other so we can be the best versions of ourselves. And through these efforts, we have become inseparable and we cannot survive without each other anymore. We know COVID-19 has planted fear in our hearts. We hope the good news we send your way shares positive energy with you guys. #letsgetthroughthis #optimism

— Cho Minah Instagram Post

The second post has an equally lovey-dovey caption that reads:


The day after he met me, he quit smoking. He started drinking what I liked drinking. Now he even tries to cut down on the alcohol for me. He’s working even harder than ever before so he can plan our future together. He says I’ve given him the purpose of life. He says he’ll live life to the fullest so he can keep me happy. He’s changing his life for the better with positivity and there is nothing hotter than that. And he’s mine!
I’m so glad I have you. I’m grateful I get to be yours. I’m happy.
#myoneandonly #iloveyou#darling

— Cho Minah Instagram Post

Most recently, Minah said, “he’s going to be mine forever for real“, which was really drew the attention of the media.

The most precious person in this world, my man. Soon, he’s going to be Mine Forever for real. Thank you so much for all the genuine support you give us.

— Cho Minah Instagram post

Last year, Minah openly discussed her struggle with Raynaud’s disease, a disease that prevents blood from getting to the surface of the skin. At the time, she shared that she wasn’t completely cured but was grateful her numbers were returning to normal. Although things have been difficult for Minah, it seems like her life is taking a turn for the positive and we’re very happy for her!