Former K-Pop Idol Trainee/Rapper Sentenced For Marijuana Smuggling In Korea

An idol trainee turned rapper previously suspected for smuggling marijuana is now confirmed to have been sentenced to probation. 

Back in May, it was reported that the Seoul Prosecution office that a former idol turned hiphop artist has been caught smuggling at least 20 kilograms of marijuana which he ordered online.

On June 16th, the hiphop artist was sentenced to three years probation by the courts after having proven guilty of the act. It was also detailed that the artist ordered the purchase online through the use of Bitcoin, but was confiscated after the purchase was caught through international. The artist, only identified as Choi, initially admitted to the crime after reflecting on his wrongdoings and was therefore given a lighter sentence.

Choi was once being groomed as one of the members for an idol group, but later on decided to leave and worked as a solo artist.

Source: Segye