Former KARA Member Gyuri Asks People To “Leave Her Alone” In Newest Instagram Update

“I wish you’d leave me alone..”

Former KARA member Gyuri uploaded an interesting message onto her Instagram story that has been making headlines for its content. While the former girl group member shared a two sentence message for all of her followers, it seemed targeted towards her haters.

Gyuri | @gyuri_88/Instagram

Gyuri uploaded a blank white background with some text on August 20 as she relayed her thoughts to all of her followers.

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

Man, no matter how much I think about it, it’s a hard world to live in. I wish you’d leave me alone.. 🙂

— Gyuri @gyuri_88/Instagram

The former girl group member did not share details about what she was referring to, but many wondered if it could have something to do with her boyfriend’s former DUI incident that happened back in June. While Gyuri had no part in his mistakes, she was still dragged by netizens due to her relationship with him.

Gyuri with her boyfriend | @gyuri_88/Instagram

Regardless of what the situation may be, we hope that she stays strong through it all.

Source: WikiTree