Former KARA Member Heo Youngji Speaks Out To Fans After Group Disbandment

DSP Media artist Heo Youngji posts photo via Instagram for the first time since the announcement of group KARA‘s disbandment.

Reports confirmed that group KARA will disband after nine years since its inception. Although many fans were upset and sad, some fans were relieved that they finally announced their final decision.

All three members, Goo Hara, Han Seungyeon and Park Gyuri, did not resign with DSP media after their contract expired. Due to this reason, many fans showed sympathy as they cheered on member Heo Youngji who recently joined KARA through a tough audition program after departure of former members Kang Jiyoung and Nicole only last year.

DSP Media promised after confirming KARA’s disbandment that Heo Youngji will remain as one of their artists and will be carrying on through future projects and activities with no problem.

Youngji, on January 21st, posted a photo of herself on Instagram, stating:

“I miss you. Thank you. Always smile <3 (It is because I have no lip gloss on). Fans who are crazy for me. Endorphin Youngji on her way. It is freezing outside. Don’t catch a cold. Awaiting to shoot program ‘Einstein.’ Somewhere in Hongdae.”


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[ +815 / -20] I feel bad for her and I feel even worse for that girl Sojin… If they were going to disband this quickly, why go all that trouble with audition program and stuff..

[ +543 / -16] It feels like they used up their long careers in a short span..

[ +381 / -22] I hope it works better for you from now on ^^

[ +246 / -33] Youngji, let’s do this together.

[ +245 / -18] Why leave malicious comments to this young girl hahahaha wow..

Source: Sports Chosun