Former KARA Member Kang Ji Young To Begin Promotions In Korea

She has returned to Korea.

Former KARA member Kang Ji Young will be returning to Korea to start promotions. She has signed with KEYEAST to begin her solo career in Korea.


It is the first time in five years that she has done any activities in Korea. After the completion of her contract with DSP Media, she headed to Japan, where she signed a contract with Sweet Power to become an actress.



Her filmography slowly grew as she continued to take on various roles in the Japanese entertainment industry. She appeared in dramas such as Osaka Kanjousen Part 2 and Orphan Black – 7 Genes and films such as Reon and Shoshite, Ikiru.



After making a name for herself in Japan, she has decided to return to Korea to meet with her fans.

Kang Ji Young joined KARA in 2008 and was the first K-Pop group perform at the Tokyo Dome.

Source: spotvnews