Former LABOUM Member Yulhee Angers Koreans By Titling Herself “Former LABOUM Member”

That is what she is, but fans don’t want to hear it.

Former LABOUM member Yulhee left the group in 2017 after stirring up quite a controversy, involving her marriage to FT ISLAND‘s Choi Minhwan, as well as her pregnancy with his child.


Yulhee even did an interview, sharing that she “has no regrets about leaving LABOUM”. She commented she doesn’t ever want to be a singer again. While some LABOUM fans felt somewhat betrayed and hurt by Yulhee’s words, all of them supported her decision and endeavor to move on with her own life.

Yulhee Reveals She Has No Regrets About Leaving LABOUM


However, when the South Korean baseball team Hanhwa Eagles recently shared their list of celebrities scheduled for the first pitch – and it read “former LABOUM member and singer Yulhee” – fans became slightly irritated by the fact that Yulhee continues to promote herself as this “former LABOUM member”.

Translation: “5. Celebrity Pitch and National Anthem (Scheduled to Appear on KBS 2TV’s Mr. House Husband Season 2) – Hanhwa Eagles Fans: Singer Yulhee / Former LABOUM Member, Singer Minhwan / FT ISLAND Member”


Korean fans are baffled by why Yulhee continues to title herself as the “former LABOUM member”. They began discussing why she engages in public activities as such, when she is no longer, in any way, affiliated with the group. While she is in fact a former LABOUM member, current LABOUM fans agreed that they don’t want Yulhee to gain anymore attention using the group’s name – especially when she herself claimed that she isn’t planning on returning to the entertainment business. They are calling Yulhee self-centered and inconsiderate to the actual LABOUM members and their fans.


Yulhee has not responded to the growing criticism. Fans remain skeptical that she will change anything, but they continue to voice their concerns and complaints to Yulhee, the baseball team, and the TV program as well.

Source: THEQOO