Former LABOUM Member Yulhee Describes The Excruciatingly Painful Details Of Giving Birth To Twins

Her pain after giving birth was way beyond what she imagined.

Former LABOUM member, Yulhee posted a new YouTube video detailing the excruciating pain that came with giving birth to twins.

Yulhee began by sharing that her uterine contractions began 3 to 4 hours after giving birth and that it was absolutely painful.

She added that the pain was so severe that she cried for 3 hours straight.

After giving birth, I spent the first day in pain. I realized what they meant when they said there would be a difference in pain between my first and second births.

— Yulhee

But that was just the beginning.

I took out my urine cord and I was practicing walking when I experienced pain again. It felt like my organs were all falling apart. I endured that pain for a whole day when I walked.

— Yulhee

Yulhee then went on to add,

Giving birth is just on a whole different level, and it’s completely different when you experience it compared to when you just hear about it. You just can’t describe the extent of it with words.

— Yulhee

However, Yulhee also stressed that despite the pain she went through, she couldn’t be happier as a mother of such beautiful children.

Check out the full reveal below:

Source: Insight