Former Leessang’s Gil Denies All Claims Made By Producer TANK

“Gil decided he could no longer stay silent.”

On February 19, Leessang‘s Gil and his legal representatives, Oracle, shared an official statement regarding producer TANK’s allegations. Yesterday, the producer (who worked with Gil before) accused Gil of misogyny, cursing at IU, and causing three people to die by suicide.


In this statement, Gil denied all claims that TANK accused him of in his YouTube video. Gil explained that he had worked with TANK for about a year as a partnership. As a result, payment would be splitting profits from the music the team created. Gil claimed that although they were supposed to divide equally, TANK only claimed the profits without paying for expenses.

Gil stated that the claims about exploitation of labor were false as TANK received three times more profit from “Horangnabi” than he did. Gil also questioned the accusation, asking how he would have been able to imprison people in the Infinite Challenge practice room, which was shared by multiple people.

Gil also stated that he had negotiated the copyright issues of his song “Horangnabi” with Lee Hye Min, who had written and produced Kim Heung Gook’s “Horangnabi,” after the song was released on Show Me the Money. Gil added that he contacted TANK about the negotiation, but there was no intimidation or threats involved.

Gil also shared that before the YouTube video being uploaded, TANK had sent him and his friends messages claiming to be treated for mental illness and threatening to kill himself.

The legal team stated:

Despite the situation, Gil endured this treatment because he felt pity for someone who was his senior in life and once his teammate. However, this YouTuber has continued his outrageous behavior, even going so far as to bring up the name of the deceased solely to bring Gil down, and mentioned celebrities who have no connection to this issue whatsoever. Therefore, Gil decided he could no longer stay silent.


The legal team announced that Gil would be taking legal action against the spread of false rumors and that he had no plans for lenient treatment against the offenders.

Source: Newsen