Former Leessang Rapper Gil Accused Of Misogyny, Cursing Out IU, And Causing 3 People Connected To Him To Die By Suicide

“Bulls***, this f***ing b****.”

Former Leessang rapper Gil, who was the other half of the duo with Gary, has been accused of numerous malicious occurrences, including misogyny, cursing out IU, theft of music, and ultimately causing three people around him to die by suicide due to his behavior.

Producer Ahn Jin Woong, who goes by TANK, introduced himself as a producer who worked with Gil in the past on songs such as “Horangnabi” from Show Me The Money 5. He has also worked with artists such as Lee Hi, Verbal Jint, Baek Ji Young, and Ong Seongwu. However, his video was made to air out many accusations he has towards Gil.

Ahn Jin Woong first claimed that Gil is deceiving the public with his current image. He claimed Gil is using his mother-in-law, wife, and son in an attempt to clean up his image and attempt to attract sympathy towards him. He is also accused of publishing articles about his donations in an attempt to win public favor ahead of his comeback.

However, Ahn Jin Woong claims he is actually living a completely different life, with his family living in a luxury villa, playing golf with a PD and another artist who is trying to make their comeback after a drunk driving incident, constantly seeking out a comeback, and simply not living a life of self-reflection after his public scandals.

Ahn Jin Woong provided a summary of the topics he would be talking about, sharing that all of his stories are true, and he has voice recordings of some of the situations. He stated Gil was misogynistic, assaulted his manager, had four girlfriends at the same time yet would still have one-night stands at clubs, gave his producers he worked with slave contracts, didn’t pay wages on time, and threatened his future.

Then he started going into detail. He first shared how he met Gil in the first place.

I first met him in Gwak Studio in Hongdae. It was during the summer, and the late Woo Hye Mi (soloist MIWOO) was there. It was not long after he left Infinite Challenge, but he prepared his new album right after he left the show. He asked me to audition in front of him so I did a few things, and he suggested that we do music together. He told me,

‘Now I’m going to prepare a team for until I get back on air. I will return with Show Me The Money 5, and want to with you. Write a song.’

So I wrote a song. It’s called ‘Refrigerator’.

— Ahn Jin Woong

But after Ahn Jin Woong wrote the song and following that meeting, Gil started his poor treatment.

After that, he basically locked me and three other producers in the Infinite Challenge practice room in Apgujeong-Rodeo, and gave me a check card containing ₩1,200,000 KRW ($1,083.98 USD), and told me to use that card to buy food for four months.

Of course, I worked for him, wasn’t paid, if he didn’t like my song, he would verbally abuse and assault me, and that didn’t stop. But he would also tell me to not eat expensive things, and just eat triangle kimbaps. Even with my low understanding, this is a violation of the Ministry of Employment and Labor guidelines.

But I was in my early 20’s at the time, and I believed it was natural. So I kept holding onto that rotten rope, and didn’t stop doing the countless things that you wouldn’t believe, even if you heard it.

— Ahn Jin Woong

Ahn Jin Woong then shared a story about how Gil showed off his misogynistic behavior in front of others, towards his then-girlfriend, the late actress Oh In Hye.

Gil had four girlfriends at the time, one of whom was the late Oh In Hye. She was such a warm, kind, beautiful person. One day, Gil called me and two other producers over to his house, and Oh In Hye arrived about five minutes later. She knew the passcode to the house, and started organizing things and cleaning up the house as if it was natural.

With this, not just myself but the others were able to guess just how deep their relationship was. About two minutes later, Oh In Hye started cleaning up, she got up and started to work. Of course, we thought he would say something nice to her, but the words that came out of his mouth while he slammed the door was shocking.

‘Fuck, you’re so damn loud.’

— Ahn Jin Woong

But that’s not all in relation to celebrities. Ahn Jin Woong also shared an instance where he cursed out IU after she voluntarily sent him a video of herself at a karaoke with her then-boyfriend, Jang Ki Ha.

That’s not all. At the time, IU was dating Jang Ki Ha, and she sent Gil a video of herself and Jang Ki Ha singing a song at a karaoke room, and he said this while watching the video.

‘Bullshit, this fucking bitch.’

— Ahn Jin Woong

The next story was about how Gil would take advantage of those under him, verbally abusing his manager and even assaulting him at times. He stated that during Infinite Challenge filming, if the atmosphere wasn’t good because of his attacks on his manager, Yoo Jae Suk or Haha would go up to him separately and scold him. However, he also shared that this story is something he didn’t experience personally, but through Noh Hong Chul’s former manager.

Over the course of a year, Ahn Jin Woong was able to see the true sides of the person he considered his hero, and eventually, decided to leave his position. He wasn’t getting paid and never signed a contract, so he didn’t feel obligated to notify Gil in advance. Ahn Jin Woong stated that Gil should feel thankful that he didn’t file a lawsuit for the misdeeds Gil did. But the only thing Ahn Jin Woong received in return was betrayal, slander, and intimidation.

After his military training, where he spent 28 days prior to the remainder of his military service as a public service worker, Ahn Jin Woong had dozens of missed phone calls from Gil’s former manager, who was hanging out with Noh Hong Chul’s former manager. The phone calls were about the song “Horangnabi”, as the writer for Kim Heung Kook’s version of the song claimed the lyrics and concept were too similar, and Gil was about to be sued. While it was true Ahn Jin Woong took the lead in the writing of the song, he stated that the chorus and melody were not his responsibility. In fact, it was Gil who was humming along to Kim Heung Kook’s version, and added it in.

Ultimately, Ahn Jin Woong isn’t sure if Gil will see this video outing him. But if he does, Ahn Jin Woong wishes Gil would just apologize for what he did, and stop trying to deceive people. He stated that there are three people that died by suicide due to Gil’s actions, one of whom isn’t mentioned by Ahn Jin Woong.

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