Former MBLAQ member Thunder joins APOP Entertainment

Following his withdrawal from MBLAQ, Thunder has officially held hands with APOP Entertainment, a sister music label under MYSTIC Entertainment.

On February 11th, APOP Entertainment made an official announcement regarding the former MBLAQ member and his new start with their agency. A representative of the agency said, “Thunder is an artist that can be distinguished in many different fields with an endless amount of talent and potential.

We plan on supporting Thunder in not only expanding his singing career, but also aiding his growth in both his acting skills and variety skills,” the representative added. “We also plan on wholeheartedly aiding Thunder’s acting through MYSTIC Entertainment’s sister acting label, Family Actors.

It was revealed that Thunder came to sign with both MYSTIC Entertainment and APOP Entertainment through Cho Young Chul, a music producer for the two sister agencies. The two have known each other since the idol star’s training days at LOEN Entertainment where Cho Young Chul was producing an album for IU and asked Thunder to feature in one of the songs.

Although Thunder is mainly under contract with APOP Entertainment, he will also be managed by Mystic89 and Family Actors. APOP Entertainment, Mystic89, and Family Actors are all under one large agency run by Yoon Jong Shin called MYSTIC Entertainment.

Meanwhile, fans of both Thunder and MBLAQ have been begging the question of whether or not the five-member group will ever make a comeback as a whole, especially after speculations of a February comeback which J.Tune Camp has vaguely clarified on.

Source: Sports Donga