Former Miss A’s Min Addresses A Rumor Saying That She Bullied Someone In Recent Interview

She talked about her days as a Miss A member, and talked about a certain rumor she heard about herself.

Miss A debuted in 2010, and after 7 years together as a group, ended up disbanded in December 2017. Min, formerly the main dancer of the group, sat down for an interview with singer and composer eSNa, and revealed whether or not she keeps in touch with her former members, also addressing a certain rumor about herself and the group that she heard about.

Min | @therealminnn/Instagram

In the latest video uploaded to eSNa’s Youtube channel, Min appeared as a guest, where she talked about her time as a trainee and artist at JYP Entertainment!

Min during Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” era | JYP Entertainment

As she talked about her days as a Miss A member, the conversation inevitably turned to their disbandment, and eSNa asked her if she keeps in touch with all the members of the group?

Do you keep in contact with the Miss A members?


Min revealed that she doesn’t keep in contact with all the members, but didn’t specify any names.

Not all of them.


She then took this opportunity to bring up a past rumor she heard about herself and the group and shared that people thought she was a bully.

A lot of people think that I bullied someone. There’s like a whole Youtube video about it; it’s got mad views.


She then said that while she wasn’t sure if she should talk about it, she felt like she had to clear her name, making it clear that she never bullied anyone ever.

I wanna make it right.

Following Miss A’s disbandment in 2017, Min has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, and in 2019, it was revealed that she had signed a contract with the agency K-Tigers E&C.

| @therealminnn/Instagram

You can watch her talk about it here!