Former MOMOLAND Member Taeha Opened Her Own Personal Instagram Account

Fans can now keep up with her on social media.

Just over a week ago, all the members of MOMOLAND, with the exception of Daisy and Taeha, opened their own individual Instagram accounts. And, as of yesterday, the group’s agency MLD Entertainment revealed that Yeonwoo and Taeha would no longer be a part of MOMOLAND.

On the heels of that announcement, Taeha opened her own Instagram account, @tx__xhx. At this time, comments are turned off on her posts.

On her first post, pictured above, Taeha wrote a wonderful message to Merry-Go-Round (MOMOLAND fans) which read:


Hello, this is Taeha 🥰 It was an honor to have been a MOMOLAND member. I was so loved. Thank you for having been there for me, it made me really happy.While I was a part of MOMOLAND, I felt and experienced things that I’ve never been able to in life. I’m grateful for that….!!!! Again, thank you for staying by my side and making me, Kim Taeha, shine 🙂 .I will not forget this gratitude and will put my best foot forward to new beginnings. I will come back as a better me and with better music. Please hang tight until then. Please keep supporting Taeha! Thank you!!

Merry-Go-Rounds are still reeling from the news that Taeha would no longer be part of the group, however, they might find a little comfort in knowing they can follow her on social media and keep up with what she’s doing as she progresses with her career outside of the group.

Check out Taeha’s account below:

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