Former Momoland Member, Yeonwoo Creates Speculation After Cryptic Instagram Post

“I hated you and I really resented you.”

Former Momoland member, Yeonwoo has created a sea of speculations with her Instagram upload.

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Yeonwoo frequents her Instagram page with consistent posts to update her fans and followers on her life. Just a day ago, however, the former girl group member uploaded a photo that gained attention of its cryptic message.

The former Momoland member posted this specific excerpt from the novel, The Far Sea.

I hated you and I really resented you.

I’ve come to an age where I’m no longer afraid of death. To the person I love, I can say ‘I love you’ and to the person I hate, I can say ‘the weather is cold’ and end the conversation…as I live, I realized that I don’t need anything else besides these two phrases.

— @chloelxxlxx/Instagram

With this one post, netizens have been busy speculating that Yeonwoo may be referring back to her Momoland days. In 2019, Yeonwoo departed the girl group after numerous rumors about her started circulating online. The former member was nowhere to be seen at different Momoland events, causing fans to worry about her status in the group.

Yeonwoo as a Momoland member | OSEN

After her departure, fans continued to wonder why Yeonwoo left the group so suddenly. Rumors about bullying started to make its way online, but they never gained enough traction for people to take notice. That is, until now. With the various bullying allegations that have taken South Korea by storm, Yeonwoo’s Instagram post and the timing of her upload has caught the eye of netizens.

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  • “Isn’t it obvious from the way the members don’t follow each other? I’ve heard a lot of different things, but it’s not like I know Yeonwoo personally. I’ll just remain quiet.”
  • “They were screaming and fighting at the hospital, but not a single article was made about it.”
  • “I saw the medical records…it seems right and the timing of Yeonwoo’s post too.”
  • “Suzy was also known to be strong, but she also got bullied in Miss A. It seems that the subtle tensions between girls can’t be ignored.”
| @chloelxxlxx/Instagram

While Yeonwoo’s Instagram upload may have just been an innocent post, netizens can’t help but wonder if there is more to the story about her departure from her former group.

Meanwhile, Yeonwoo has been staying active as an actress, with her most recent work, Cheat On Me If You Can having premiered just a few months ago.

Source: Nate