Music Executive Believes BTS May Lead The Way For Other Artists To Enter U.S. Market

Quartararo believes that BTS will not be a stand-alone case when it comes to entering the U.S. market.

A well-known former music executive and current Tripod Partners CEO, Phil Quartararo, held a conference at MU:CON, a K-Pop fair in Korea.

Quartararo is known for his time at Virgin Music, Warner Bros. Records and EMI Marketing and working with famous artists such as Janet Jackson and the Spice Girls.

His speech at the fair covered the topic of advice on how to be successful globally through K-Pop and K-Culture.

He believes that BTS’s global success has opened doors for many more K-Pop artists to have an opportunity in the American music market.

“BTS is a great success story and BTS broke the ice,” stated Quartararo.

Quartararo states that K-Pop fulfills music’s three core elements—rhythm, melody and harmony, making it more desirable in the U.S. pop market than EDM or hip-hop.

Quartararo adds,

As long as K-Pop continues to produce high quality music, there will be no constraints as to what K-Pop can do.

MU:CON is Korea’s biggest K-Pop fair and will be held from September 30-October 3. It is hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency and will take place at the Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX) in southern Seoul.

Source: sedaily