Kyungri Reveals The Time She Made A Plastic Surgery Appointment And Why She Cancelled It Last Minute

She really disliked this part of her body.

Former Nine Muses member Kyungri revealed, in her words a “TMI” story about her uneven eyelids.

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On December 15th, the former girl group member took to her personal Instagram page where she shared and answered a question that a fan asked about her eyes. The question was,

Unnie, I have similar eyes to yours where I have double eyelid lines on my outer eyes so I was wondering if you ever wanted to get double eyelid surgery.

— Fan

Kyungri’s answer on her Instagram story | @gyeongree/Instagram

Kyungri, being the honest and upfront lady she is, answered the question as truthfully as she could via her Instagram story.

Honestly, this might be TMI but I’m in an industry where I’m always filming something. Since my debut, my uneven eyelids have always been a stress of mine.

— Kyungri

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She continued by revealing that she almost got plastic surgery to “fix” her eyelids. She went as far as scheduling a double eyelid surgery appointment, but that it never happened.

I was actually set to get double eyelid surgery and made an appointment before. The day before my surgery, however, my company extremely opposed it so I couldn’t go and I had to cancel it.

— Kyungri


Kyungri admitted, however, that she believes she would have regretted the decision if she had gone through with it.

I honestly think that I would be regretting the decision right about now if I had gone through with the surgery. As time went on, little by little my eyes changed into something that I liked. Don’t you know that a person’s face changes with time?

— Kyungri


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Kyungri concluded her response to her fan by sharing a message of self-love to herself.

I’m pleased with how I look right now.

— Kyungri

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Yes, we are all about the self-love! In related news, Kyungri has been cast as a guest role in upcoming JTBC drama, Undercover, which is set to premiere sometime in 2021.

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