Former Nine Muses Member Sera Displays Symptoms Of Somnambulism Caused By Depression Medication

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see.

With the premiere of MBN‘s Miss Back just around the corner, the producers released a special clip of former Nine Muses member, Sera, and her heartbreaking story of living with depression and panic disorder.



In the clip, Sera showed the difficulty she’s recently faced such as running out of money in her account and speaking with the bank for a credit card loan as a result.

But what broke the hearts of fans the most was the strange behavior Sera exhibits in her sleep.


In the middle of the night, Sera gets up and eats pizza and cake, but the problem is that she doesn’t remember any of it.


This symptom is commonly known as somnambulism caused by medication taken for depression.

In an earlier interview, Sera confessed that she still takes medication for depression and panic disorder to this day.

Sera even shed tears and expressed her desire to overcome it.

I’m a singer, too. So I really want to get better soon.

— Sera

Check out the full clip of Sera’s heartbreaking confession below:

Source: Insight