Former NMIXX’s Jinni Opens Official Instagram Account

She’s finally back!

Earlier today, fans discovered that Jinni has finally opened her own Instagram account.

| @jiniyxxn/Instagram

The former NMIXX member has now her own profile on the platform with the username @jiniyxxn. She has accumulated over 529,000 followers within just a few hours.

Jinni’s first post has also surpassed 537,000 likes. The young idol surprised fans by posting several pictures of herself and greeting them through the caption.

Hi 🖤

— Jinni on Instagram

| @jiniyxxn/Instagram

Jinni’s resignation from NMIXX was announced on December 9, when it was revealed that the young idol had terminated her contract with JYP Entertainment. This meant that she would no longer be a member of NMIXX, which continued as a 6-member group.

| @jiniyxxn/Instagram

The letter, penned by JYP Entertainment, shared that Jinni decided to terminate her exclusive contract with the company for “personal reasons,” without revealing any more details.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

Jinni, who has been a part of NMIXX, decided to terminate her contract and leave the team for personal reasons.

We’re sorry for causing any concerns with this sudden news. This also means that going forward, all future NMIXX schedules will be carried on as a six-membered group.

We hope NSWERs will continue to send support for the six NMIXX members growing from this and pursuing their dreams.

Also, please continue to root for Jinni, embarking on a new path.

Thank you.

— JYP Entertainment

Jinni with NMIXX | JYP Entertainment</!>

After many weeks of silence since the news broke out, Jinni excited fans with her new Instagram account. Not only are her supporters delighted they will be able to receive updates on the idol’s life from now on, but many are also considering this a beacon for even better news to follow.

Some fans are even suggesting this can be a hint to a future debut as a soloist!


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