Former Pristin Member Nayoung Reveals Good Changes Have Happened Since Starting Acting

She is enjoying her time as an actress.

Former Pristin member Im Nayoung made her debut as an actress and revealed her thoughts about starting something new through her photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar.

She first made her debut into the entertainment industry through an audition program and became and idol before changing careers to acting. Her debut role was in the tvN drama The Flower of Evil that started airing at the end of July. She also plays the lead role in the web drama Romantic Hacker and is showing off different sides to her image.

For the photo shoot, she dressed up in a more mannish and chic attire and expressed the freedom and liveliness of someone in their twenties.

In regards to how her passion for acting started, she commented, “I was a broadcast and entertainment major in college and learned how to use the camera, write scenarios, and edit videos. While studying, I thought, ‘Just as I dreamt of becoming a singer, there are a lot of people that dream of becoming an actor too’. These feelings attracted more to acting and is what got me started down this path.”

She also felt that she was experiencing a positive change in her life through acting as well.

Not too long ago I had to act drunk for a scene and it was a fun experience. It felt like I was able to let go of everything that I had been holding in. My expressions have become more diverse and a lot of my friend are surprised at them too. They tell me that my reactions have become different. I am experiencing positive changes through acting.

-Im Nayoung, Harper’s Bazaar Interview

You can check out more of her interview and photos through the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar!

Source: heraldpop