Former “Produce Camp” Contestant Hopes Participants In New Rendition “Seek Therapy”

The tweet has raised questions about the treatment of the contestants.

Zhong Fei Fei, a popular survival show contestant from Produce Camp 2020, recently stirred up discussions with a tweet aimed at the participants of the show’s new version set in Asia. Her tweet, suggesting therapy for these contestants, has raised questions about the mental health challenges faced by reality TV show participants.

Produce Camp (also known as CHUANG 2020) was a popular reality TV show in China. Launched on Tencent Video, the 2020 series was the third season of Produce 101 China. Unique in its format, the show ended with the debut of seven contestants as BonBon Girls 303, unlike the usual eleven. It started with 101 participants who were trained, mentored, and evaluated by celebrity coaches, leading to the final seven forming a girl group.

The latest version of this series is Produce Camp Asia: Thailand, also referred to as CHUANG ASIA: THAILAND. This new iteration comes after a ban on survival shows in China and Tencent’s challenges with free voting.

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Announced on September 27, the show features Jackson Wang as the lead mentor and includes NCT‘s Ten among other mentors.

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The show, filmed in Thailand, is gathering attention, specifically because it includes contestants from other well-known survival shows like Girls Planet 999 and Produce 48.

Fei Fei’s controversial tweet has raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity among fans. The post reads, “Shout out to the chuang girls. I hope u seek therapy after.

The tweet seems to be more than just a casual comment, hinting at possible concerns about the production and the treatment of participants in such high-pressure environments. Fans and observers are now trying to decode the message behind Fei Fei’s words, wondering if it reflects broader issues in the reality TV industry, particularly around mental health.

The tweet has opened up a conversation about the psychological impact of participating in such competitive shows. The intense scrutiny, pressure to perform, and the high-stakes nature of these programs can take a toll on the mental health of contestants. Fei Fei’s suggestion for therapy points to the need for psychological support for participants, both during and after the show.

As discussions around Fei Fei’s tweet continue, it remains to be seen how the producers of Produce Camp Asia: Thailand and similar shows will respond to these concerns. The well-being of contestants is increasingly becoming a topic of concern, and Fei Fei’s tweet may serve as a catalyst for change in how reality TV shows address mental health.