Former Produce X 101 Contestant Lee Wonjun Criticized For Sitting On Subway Seat Meant For Pregnant Women

He is receiving criticism online.

Recently, fans spotted former Produce X 101 contestant Lee Wonjun taking the subway. Though many praised him for using public transport despite being a known figure in the public, many criticized him for where he chose to sit.

In the photo, Lee Wonjun can be seen sitting on the subway wearing a white top and ripped blue jeans. He has his AirPods in and is focused on his phone. Upon closer inspection, many noticed how the seat he sat on is meant for women who are pregnant.

Netizens agree that the seat must be left empty for pregnant women, even if there are no more seats available. Many note how this is not an issue on gender but on personality, saying that even non-pregnant women shouldn’t sit on the seat. Some have compared this action to when people park their cars in handicapped parking areas despite being able-bodied.

Lee Wonjun’s company, E Entertainment, has not commented on this issue.

Source: Naver