Former RAINBOW’s Go Woori Makes An Unannounced Appearance In “True Beauty” As An Important Character

Will she be made into a recurring role?

Highly anticipated webtoon-turned-drama, True Beauty, aired its first episode recently. The cast was originally announced to include actors Moon Ga Young as Im Ju Gyeong, ASTRO‘s Eunwoo as Im Su Ho, Hwang In Yeob as Han Seo Jun. A supporting cast was also further announced later on. However, no one had anticipated this very special casting.

Former RAINBOW member, Go Woori, made an appearance as her role of Selena Lee. Selena Lee is known in the webtoon as Im Ju Gyeong’s role model and idol, a celebrity makeup artist.

She is also meant to be Im Su Ho’s older sister, although they have different last names for reasons unexplained. She makes her cameo through an online beauty tutorial that Im Ju Gyeong tries to follow.

It is unknown if she will make more appearances in the drama, although if it flows according to the webtoon, she will be moving back to live with her younger brother.

Have you caught up with the latest episodes of True Beauty? The drama airs every Wednesday night on tvN!

Source: Star Today