Yunho’s Former Schoolmate Shares A Story Of When The TVXQ Member Stood Up To Bullying

“It was thanks to him that I did not drop out of school.”

In the midst of the arising bullying allegations comes another story, but this time, it’s a positive one involving TVXQ member Yunho.

An alleged former schoolmate of Yunho has stepped forward to share a positive story about the TVXQ member. Their alleged interaction with the veteran boy group member is melting netizens’ hearts all over the nation. Here is what they had to say.

There are a lot of bullying allegations against celebrities and athletes these days. It’s because of these cases that I remembered my own personal experience with bullying that I had forgotten about. It happened in middle school. I have always been introverted and shy. Due to my personality, even if my friends joked around and hit me, I never got upset or said anything. Now that I look back on it, I realize how foolish I was.

— Former schoolmate of Yunho

Yunho’s former schoolmate continued on with their story to share the exact bullying incident.

One day, a classmate of mine hurt my arm with a knife-like instrument. I was so stupid that I didn’t realize that I was a victim of school violence and just brushed it off as a joke. Eventually, our homeroom teacher found out about it and that’s when I realized I was being bullied. After receiving counseling, I found out that I was a victim of school violence and that was painful to admit. I felt so stupid that I cried uncontrollably. I thought about dropping out of school. Perhaps the most difficult part about the entire situation was thinking about my classmates’ reactions. They looked at me like I was stupid and that thought was more painful than the actual violence.

— Former schoolmate of Yunho

This is the point of the story where Yunho comes into the picture and stands up for the victim.

To get to the point of my story, Yunho went to the same middle school. We weren’t in the same class so we were never able to become close. He was the popular guy at our school and he always danced for all our school festivals. He was an idol-like schoolmate. One day, he saw my injured arm and grabbed it. He asked me, ‘was it that guy who did this to you? Do you want me to punish him?’ I was shy and embarrassed so I told him it was okay since it happened in the past. His words, however, became a tremendous strength in my heart. It was thanks to him that I did not drop out of school and that I was able to graduate safely.

— Former schoolmate of Yunho

The bullying victim concluded their story by thanking the TVXQ member for his past actions and supportive words.

Now I have a beautiful family and I am living well. The reason I decided to write these words was due to the rising bullying allegations in our nation. School violence needs more attention and the bullying victims need support from people like Yunho. I wasn’t able to thank you back then so here I am saying it now.  Every time you come on my television screen, I cheer you on. I wanted everyone to know what an amazing and loyal friend you were.

— Former schoolmate of Yunho

Along with the story, the former schoolmate attached a photo of their middle school yearbook as proof.

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Netizens were left in absolute awe of Yunho’s goodness and his endless good deeds. Here are some of the comments they left under the story.

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  • “Wow he is so consistent…that’s why he’s even cooler and more amazing.”
  • “Seriously, he is amazing…seriously.”
  • “I don’t understand how someone like him exists. How did Yunho’s family raise him?”
  • “Yunho seems so amazing. Such a great human.”
  • “Wow how can someone be as amazing as him.”
  • “Even in middle school, he was consistent daebak. The stories of people from 20 years ago are all the same.”

Yunho’s kindhearted nature has been proven time and time again through numerous different stories and this one is no different. What a standup guy!

Source: YouTube and theqoo