Former SM Entertainment Rookie Turned Actress Lami Showcases Her “Legendary SM” Visuals In New Update

She was rumored to debut with aespa!

One of the most anticipated SM Entertainment trainees was Lami! Since she was first introduced to netizens, many couldn’t wait for her debut!

After she allegedly left SM Entertainment, it was revealed that Lami was still under the company but was going to debut as an actress. They constantly updated fans on Lami’s whereabouts, showcasing the ’03 liner’s visuals mature as she got older.

On November 1, the Instagram account @sm_actist updated fans with new photos of Lami. In the photos, Lami looked absolutely beautiful in a simple black-and-white ensemble, showcasing her unreal visuals.

While some netizens had mixed reactions to her eyebrows, others thought it made Lami look more unique and praised her visuals.

In particular, in one photo, Lami looked gorgeous in a bright red dress that, combined with a shirt, looked elegant and youthful.

When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over how beautiful Lami looked in the pictures, even saying that she has “legendary SM visuals,” comparing her to other idols from the company.

Although Lami isn’t a trainee anymore and is delving into acting, netizens still love to see updates about her.

You can read more about Lami below.

Former SM Rookie Makes Her Acting Debut, Surprising Netizens With Her Visuals

Source: sm_actist/Instagram

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