Former Stellar Member Gayoung Sobs At The Hate Her Baseball Player Brother Gets Because Of Her Past

Gayoung’s afraid she hurt her brother’s baseball career.

In a recent clip released by MBN‘s Miss Back, former Stellar member, Gayoung confronts her brother, who is a pro baseball player for the Samsung Lions, regarding the hate comments he received due to her past.

Gayoung is famously known for the hate she received as a result of the sexy concept that was forced upon her during her time with Stellar.

But the negative impact that had on her brother, Kim Sung Pyo, made her feel very apologetic.

You did good this time. So there were many internet articles about you, but a lot of them mentioned Stellar. I feel like I tainted your name. I’m so sorry.

— Gayoung

In response, Kim Sung Pyo admitted that it wasn’t easy.

I found it unfortunate that people perceive Stallar as an erotic group.

— Kim Sung Pyo

And in a side interview with a producer, Kim Sung Pyo expressed his honest thoughts.

I felt uncomfortable because when people asked about my sister, they immediately thought of something erotic. But all I could do was cheer her on. Because I knew she was struggling herself.

— Kim Sung Pyo

Although it was not her fault, Gayoung continued to sob and express her apologetic sentiments.

I felt so bad because I thought I was a shameful sister to you.

— Gayoung

Ever since Gayoung’s 2011 debut with Stellar, she was forced to dance provocatively in revealing clothing, leading to a trauma that made her wear long and dark clothes even in the summer.

But the harmful effects it had on her brother’s career devastated her even more.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight