Former Stray Kids’ Member Woojin Reportedly Opens New Instagram Account

It’s reportedly his account.

Former Stray Kids member Woojin is reportedly now on Instagram!

On January 17, a new Instagram account was opened, suspected to be Woojin’s, with pictures of him being the first post.


In his bio, his full name was there, Kim Woojin, along with the word “Restart”, which fans think that he’s making a new start independently.


Fans believe that it is his account, and have been extremely glad to hear from him, and our supporting him on his new journey, whatever it may be!


On October 27, JYP Entertainment suddenly announced Woojin’s departure from the group, shocking and saddening many fans. He then joined a chatroom a few days later and sent a letter to STAYs, expressing his apologies, and then left the chatroom as abruptly as he had joined it.

Regardless, fans hope that the account is real, and that he’s doing well.