Former Stray Kids Member Woojin Surprises Fans By Joining A Group Chat And Sending STAYs A Letter

Check out the letter here.

After news of Stray KidsWoojin leaving the group and terminated his contract with JYP Entertainment, the former idol received much love from fans who hope that he stays happy and healthy with his new life.

Woojin has since reached out the the fans, surprising STAYs by joining an open group in Kakao Talk. Though many doubted that it was truly him, Woojin sent a never before seen selfie to prove his identity.

He also left STAYs a letter addressing his departure.

Hello. This is Woojin. Firstly, I want to thank you guys for sending me so much love and for giving endless encouragement to Stray Kids’ “Woojin”.

First, I want to apologize for the sudden new that cause many people to be shocked and overwhelmed. Because I don’t have a personal SNS, I was concerned about how to express my feelings and share my condition, and I needed time to heal and to adjust to my current life. Although it’s hard to explain how long I’ve been thinking about this, I believe that the fans who have loved me until now will be understanding.

Until the day I can stand in front of you guys, I will work hard and put good thought and sincerity into my songs! E ven though it may take awhile, please look out for me and cheer me on.

I genuinely thank you and love you all.

– From, Woojin

After sending a few short messages, Woojin then left the chatroom.

His message has reassured fans that he’s doing well, and has also caused many to look forward to his new plans. More power to Woojin!

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