Woojin Trends Worldwide Following Exit From Stray Kids With Heartfelt Gratitude From Fans

They’ll support him no matter what.

STAYs are thanking Woojin for everything he has done for them and Stray Kids.

On October 28, JYP Entertainment announced Woojin’s departure from the group due to personal reasons, and revealed that they had terminated his exclusive contract with the agency. This came as a shock to many fans, but they all vowed to support Woojin no matter what.


Following the news, fans began trending the following hashtags:

1. #ThankYouWoojin

2. Stray Kids



Fans are also voicing their gratitude to Woojin for his time spent with Stray Kids and all that he contributed to the group.


All the best, Woojin!

Stray Kids