Former T-ara Member Soyeon Details The Detrimental Aftermath Of Her Past Bullying Controversy

It took a major mental toll on her.

Former T-ara Member, Soyeon recently appeared on the first episode of MBN‘s Miss Back where she detailed the detrimental aftermath of the bullying controversy she faced during her time in the group.

| @melodysoyani/Instagram

On the show, Soyeon spoke up about the bullying controversy she faced when various rumors began to spread online regarding speculation that the members were bullying each other.

It’s very possible to get emotionally hurt while working in this industry. It all began when our group started getting hate because of misunderstandings that arose leading to the bullying speculations.

— Soyeon

She confessed that she suffered ever since.

I was scared to death of even going to the hospital.

— Soyeon

Only after years of suffering did Soyeon finally see the doctor, who diagnosed her with both depression and anxiety.

I didn’t go to the hospital and stuck it out for years. But it got so hard that I eventually saw a doctor, and they diagnosed me with depression and anxiety.

— Soyeon

But even after receiving her prescription, Soyeon chose not to rely on medicine and overcame it herself.

I got checked up and received my medicine. But I didn’t think I could overcome it if I relied on medicine. So I didn’t take the medicine. I just endured it to overcome it.

— Soyeon

| @melodysoyani/Instagram

The bullying controversy took place back in 2012 which led to the immediate departure of Hwayoung, as well as Areum a year after.


Soyeon left the group 5 years later due to her expired contract.

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