Former Topp Dogg Member Park Hyun Ho (Seogoong) Reveals He Was Bullied By His Former Members

He admits he had dark thoughts.

Trot singer Park Hyun Ho revealed some dark confessions about his idol days as a former Topp Dogg (currently known as Xeno-T) member.

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Recently, Park Hyun Ho sat down for an interview with YouTube channel Idol Olympics where he talked about his life, current and past. Park Hyun Ho, who is currently filming for KBS‘s National Trot Sports Festival admitted that what people are saying about him are true.

I have been hearing people say that I turned to trot because I failed as an idol singer. Honestly, they’re not wrong. It’s true because I turned to a different genre since being an idol didn’t work out for me.

— Park Hyun Ho


Park Hyun Ho continued on with his interview by revealing the pain and trauma he received from his experience with bullying. He cautiously admits that it may not be a full blown example of bullying, but that to him, it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Caption “it’s bullying but not full bullying” | Idol Olympics/YouTube

It was the moment when I decided to let go of my idol dreams. It was at the meeting when I decided to leave Topp Dogg that my fellow members did a poll in front of me. ‘If you want Seogoong (Park Hyun Ho’s stage name) to leave the group, raise your hand’ and all the members raised their hands. It was the worst.

— Park Hyun Ho

Park Hyun Ho further revealed that right after he left the group, the situation was made worse due to the way his father reacted.

After leaving the group, I grabbed my belongings from the dorm and went home. My father got angry with me and put all the blame on me. He blamed it on my personality. I was already at a low place mentally so I opened the window and tried to jump out. My father, however, grabbed my clothes in an attempt to stop me. He grabbed it so intensely, that my clothes ripped. When I look back, I realize how foolish I was behaving and how much pain I caused my father.

— Park Hyun Ho

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While he may have not had the best or most successful experience as an idol, we wish Park Hyun Ho all the luck in the world as he takes on this new challenge as a trot singer. Check out Park Hyun Ho and his trot abilities down below.

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