Former Trainee A Member Leo Joins New Agency

What does this mean for the other former members?

Trainee A was a highly-anticipated trainee group under BIGHIT MUSIC that comprised of seven promising and talented young men. As trainees, they shared a lot of content of their journey to becoming K-Pop idols with the public, increasing the hype for their eventual debut.

Trainee A | @trainee_a/Twitter

If you followed Trainee A’s journey, though, you’ll know that they eventually ended up quietly disbanding even before their debut in December 2022, which was confirmed by former member Yorch Yongsin himself after all of their social media pages shut down.

This came several months after former member Leo came under scrutiny and was criticized for the misogynistic lyrics he wrote for the instrumental track of Playboi Carti’s “Stop Breathing”. He ended up leaving the project in August 2022, prior to their official disbandment.

However, it seems that Leo’s journey to become a K-Pop idol isn’t over. He has recently opened a personal Instagram account, where he announced that he has joined 131 Label, home to B.I and other soloists.

Along with the announcement, Leo shared a series of new solo artist pictures on his Instagram, confirming his status as a new artist under 131 Label.

Despite his past controversy, many people are excited for Leo’s debut under his new company. The comments on his Instagram post are full of support, including from former Trainee A members and B.I himself.


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It will be interesting to see if this will be the first of other former Trainee A members starting new careers as well!