Trainee A’s Social Media Accounts Shut Down—Yorch Yongsin Releases Statement Confirming The Project Is Over

Yorch shed some light on what happened.

After netizens discovered a YouTube channel documenting the progress of a group of seven BIGHIT MUSIC trainees called Trainee A, it was revealed they were possible candidates for debuting within the year.

Trainee A | @trainee_a/Twitter

Unfortunately, Trainee A’s content team previously posted a notice that the group’s YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud accounts would no longer be active from December 23.

| @dearmelt/Twitter

Checking all of Trainee A’s social media accounts at that time, fans were sad to confirm that all of them were indeed shut down and all of the content was no longer accessible to the public. Fortunately, one of the members released a bit of information about the situation.

To shine some light on what caused the closing of their accounts, Thai actor and member Yorch Yongsin released a statement through his Instagram account.

Yorch Yongsin | @_trainee_a/Instagram

He expressed sadness at sharing the news that “the project has been ended,” thanked everyone who supported them, and asked fans to continue to support them on their next journeys.

| Instagram

Although the news left fans heartbroken, some found hope in finding an account for an ALONERS ASSOCIATION, thinking it could possibly be BIGHIT MUSIC’s next group or even the trainees’ next project.

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Whatever the future has in place for the members of Trainee A, fans were thankful for them and wished them well.

| @trainee_a/Twitter