All 7 Members Of BIGHIT MUSIC’s “Trainee A” Boy Group Have Been Revealed, And Here’s Everything You Need To Know

They include an actor, rapper, and former hockey player!

In 2021, netizens discovered a YouTube channel named “Trainee A.” After looking at some of the videos, it became clear that the boys were training in the old BigHit Entertainment building and must be the newest BIGHIT MUSIC trainees.

The members of “Trainee A” except Leo | @_trainee_a/Instagram

Fast forward to January 2022, and it has been announced that Trainee A will officially be preparing as a possible candidate group to debut during the year. The official seven members are confirmed, and here’s everything you need to know about them!

1. Yorch Yongsin

One of the most recent members to be announced was Yorch Yongsin. Born in Thailand, the trainee is the oldest member born in April 2002. Netizens were shocked to find that Yongsin debuted at the age of ten and is an experienced actor in Thailand and very well known for his work.

| @traineatwt/ Twitter

According to sources, alongside acting, he is a very good dancer, which showcases just how versatile he is going to be. Also, netizens quickly pointed out his visuals that are flawless, and some have even compared him to NU’EST’s Ren.

2. Leo

With his emoticon being a lion, Australian-born Leo moved to South Korea at the age of 17 to pursue his dream to become an idol. He speaks both English and Korean fluently. According to videos posted, Leo can both produce and write music, making him a vital part of the team.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

In particular, fans have already been introduced to Leo after he appeared in BTS‘s “Permission to Dance” music video. Although the other members thought Leo seemed scary at first, he showcased his true personality and was even described as the group’s fashionista.

Leo with two “Permission to Dance” actresses | HYBE Labels/Youtube

3. Sangwon

Member Sangwon has one of the longest trainee periods out of the members and started back in 2016. He was a student at the prestigious Hanlim Multi Arts school, and after being seen with ENHYPEN‘s Jay and Heeseung on a trip to Brunei, many assume he started at HYBE before August 2019.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

With so many years of practice, Sangwon is seen as an all-rounder, but after seeing his dancing, many think this might be his specialty, especially considering that one of his talents is choreographing. Like Leo and James, Sangwon has been in a pre-debut group before. Yet, but Trainee A could be his chance to officially debut.

| Trainee A/YouTube 

4. Woochan

Out of all of the trainees, member Woochan might be the most recognizable to netizens. Born in January 2002 in Seoul, Woochan has been part of the K-Pop industry for a long time. He was a former CUBE Entertainment trainee who many think will be one of the group’s main rappers.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

Yet, Woochan is also recognizable as he was actually a contestant on the show Show Me the Money and was a semi-finalist in 2017. After his success on the show, he officially debuted in 2019 but is now going to be a vital member of Trainee A.

| Mnet/ YouTube 

5. James

Like many of the members, James proves how diverse Trainee A’s lineup is. Born in Hong Kong in 2005, he moved to South Korea to pursue his idol career and can speak Chinese, Thai, Korean, and English fluently.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

However, he isn’t just talented. James is very athletic. Alongside being a Taekwondo athlete, he was also a proficient and talented hockey player. He actually trained at the Hong Kong Typhoons & Selects, which was for young athletes. According to sources and videos posted, he specializes in dancing and even went to Minnesota in America to train.

6. JJ

Member JJ was announced as part of the lineup in August 2021. and it was revealed that, like all of the members, JJ is extremely young and was born on January 27, 2006. Yet, apart from his age, another thing stood out to K-Pop fans, and that is his outstanding visuals. Born in the Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan, JJ is actually half American and half Japanese.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

Although there are no official positions, many have pointed out that he might be the main dancer. Before moving to Korea, JJ was actually a part of the Japanese dance group AMEZARI RED STARS until December 2020, cementing his talent.

| Stardust Promotion/ YouTube 

7. Jihoon

One of their latest videos revealed that the youngest member of Trainee A is Jihoon, who was born in 2006. Throughout the past few months, netizens have learned more about Jihoon’s personality, and it was revealed that as much as he loves wearing bucket hats when training, he has been known to lose them.

| @_trainee_a/Instagram

He became a trainee back in 2020 and is extremely talented. Not only can he play guitar, but he also placed second in WINNER‘s REALLY REALLY dancer cover contest when he was just 12. Despite being so young, he will be a true asset to the group.

| @mimitadiary/ Twitter 
Source: @_trainee_a

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