Here’s How Trainee A’s Newest Member Yorch Yongsin Went From Thai Actor To K-Pop Trainee

He had some inspiration from his love of groups like EXO and NCT!

In 2021, netizens discovered a YouTube channel named “Trainee A.” After looking at some of the videos, it became clear that the boys were training in the old BigHit Entertainment building and must be the newest BIGHIT MUSIC trainees.

It was recently announced in January 2022 that Trainee A would officially be preparing as a possible candidate group to debut during the year.

The members of “Trainee A” except Leo | @_trainee_a/Instagram

One of the group’s newest members is none other than Yorch Yongsin. Born in April 2002, he is the oldest member of the group and is someone that already knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight.

Yorch Yongsin | @traineatwt/ Twitter

Netizens were shocked to find that Yongsin debuted at the age of ten and is an experienced actor in Thailand and very well known for his work. Yorch gained fame through the series, Tong Neu Gao where he played the 12-year-old version of the main character Wanchalerm.

Since then, he has starred in countless films and television series during his career and could even be counted as a veteran actor.

| @yorch_yongsin/ Instagram

Considering his visuals and charisma, it isn’t surprising that he excelled in acting but also has the potential to be a K-Pop idol! Yet, it wasn’t an easy journey and Yorch recently shared some of those struggles in a vlog for fans.

At the start of the video, Yorch explained that he had been acting in Thai films and shows since he was ten, yet his love of K-Pop helped contribute to his decision to become a trainee.

I’ve always loved K-Pop. When I was in Thailand, I listened to K-Pop a lot and even danced to it myself. And then I wanted to do K-Pop music, so I quit acting and came to Korea.

— Yorch Yongsin

Many who have followed Yorch or have looked into him since he was announced as a trainee can confirm that the former actor has always been a true K-Pop stan. In fact, netizens have found an old video from 2018 where Yorch was doing an Instagram live and actually danced to EXO’s song “Monster.”

| @yorch_yongsin/ Instagram

Yorch was also seen attending an NCT concert with his lightstick…

And even shared that his NCT bias was Taeyong, and fans even found that he posted a special birthday wish for the idol on his birthday.

| @yorch_yongsin/ Instagram

Only such a huge love for the industry could make someone with a successful career move to a different country just to start from the beginning. In particular, during the vlog, he shared how difficult it was to adapt to the training, especially as he joined later than many others.

I started later than the others, so I have to practice much more. I also have to take a lot of lessons. But no matter how hard it is, we have to debut so I do it.

— Yorch Yongsin

Yet, like any new trainee joining a group, Yorch revealed that it was his fellow members, including, James who is Thai-Chinese, that got him through all the hardships.

I’m really grateful to my team. They’re so kind, and they take care of me because I’m not good at Korean. Even if practicing late into the night is exhausting, I’m glad that we do it together because it makes it easier.

— Yorch Yongsin

Considering how talented and versatile the members of Trainee A are, as well as the diversity, there is no stopping their potential. Even though they haven’t known each other for long, they seem like a true family that cares for each other. Sometimes this is the key factor to succeed in K-Pop.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Trainee A

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