Former U-KISS Member Kevin To Make Official U.S. Debut With “Got It”

He is ready to take on the U.S. market.

Former U-KISS member Kevin will be making his U.S. debut with his English track, “Got It.” The title track unravels the depth, pain and despair of a harmful yet addictive relationship. It’s a medium-tempo song which perfectly expresses Kevin’s identity as an artist. 

This is a collaboration between Kevin and Alex Syps, with production done by Shintaro Yasuda, who is known for producing for Ariana Grande and The Weeknd. 

After U-KISS activities, Kevin started his solo career and released his track “Ride Along” in Japan in 2018. In addition, he completed his first nationwide tour in Japan in 2019. 

Kevin will be challenging the U.S. market with “Got It” and plans to meet with fans around the world through various activities in the future.

Source: sports chosun
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