Former “Ulzzang Generation” Member Admits To Previously Dating 10 Boyfriends At The Same Time

That’s a whole lot of boyfriends 😧

Former Ulzzang Generation member Hong Young Gi is making headlines for a shocking confession.

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Hong Young Gi previously made herself known as a former ulzzang, which means “best face” in South Korea. She garnered a massive following on numerous online communities for her for her adorable, but gorgeous visuals. She made an even greater impact when she appeared on Ulzzang Generation back in 2009, which was a reality television program centered around all the popular ulzzangs of the day.

Hong Young Gi on “Ulzzang Generation” | Comedy TV

Although the age of ulzzangs may no longer be prevalent in today’s society, Hong Young Gi has proven herself as more than just a pretty face. She is now the CEO of two online shopping malls and is also the mother of two. She frequently updates her fans on her Instagram page about her life. While her updates are usually about her online stores or her two children, her recent Instagram stories have made their way into the headlines for a very different reason. She held a brief Q&A session for her Instagram followers when one of her fans asked the question, “unnie in your life so far, have you ever cheated or dated multiple people?” To this question, Hong Young Gi had a very shocking answer.

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I don’t know if you will believe me or not, but I once dated 10 people at the same time. When I was in middle school, I broke up with a long-term boyfriend. Just a month after we broke up, he found himself a new girlfriend and that made me angry. It made me so angry, that I asked every guy that ever confessed their feelings for me and asked if they would like to date me.

— @kisy0729/Instagram

| @kisy0729/Instagram

I let all of them know in advance, ‘I’m dating other guys, would you like to date me? I currently have 4 boyfriends right now, do you want to date?” Hahaha this is how I approached them and they all said they would. I couldn’t remember who was who though, so I broke up with all of them within 1-2 days. (It’s kind of funny to even say we broke up.) One of my boyfriends would walk me to school, one of them would walk me to my after school activities and one would pick me up from them. Those are the only memories I have…”

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Her crazy confession from her middle school days captured the attention of her fans and numerous media outlets. Her story has been circulating online due to its hilariously wild content. Her fans appreciated her admittance and enjoyed the refreshing truth from the former ulzzang.

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Back in the earlier 2000’s, the ulzzang community was immensely popular, giving certain ulzzang‘s the platform equivalent to that of a celebrity. While this may no longer be the case in today’s Korean society, many current idols and stars have made their start due to their beginnings as an ulzzang. Some notable former ulzzangs who are currently active in the Korean entertainment industry are actress Goo Hye Sun, former AOA member Mina, former After School member Jooyeon, former T-ara member Hyomin and many more.

Actress Goo Hye Sun during her ulzzang days | Nate

Hong Young Gi may not be active as an ulzzang anymore, but you can keep up with her life as a CEO and a mom of two through her Instagram page.

Source: WikiTree and Instagram
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