Former Wonder Girls Member Hyelim and Athlete Shin Min Chul Reveal Their Wedding Date

Congratulations to the couple!

Former Wonder Girls member Hyelim and Taekwondo athlete Shin Min Chul have officially revealed their wedding date.

Hyelim’s agency has revealed that the couple will be ending their 7 years of dating and starting their married life on July 5.

Hyelim and Shin Min Chul will be getting married on July 5.

It has not been decided whether they will go on a honeymoon yet, and other specific details have also not yet bee decided.

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In addition, MBC has confirmed that Hyelim and Shin Min Chul will reveal their marriage process through their appearances on their variety show Don’t Be Jealous.

Hyelim and Shin Min Chul have been dating since 2013, but their relationship was only made public back in March 2020. At the time, their common interest was taekwondo, as Hyelim’s father was a taekwondo master.

Source: MK Sports