Former X1 Member Lee Eunsang Announces Debut As A Solo Artist

It’s another great addition to a month already packed with highly anticipated comebacks!

On Friday, August 14, former X1 member Lee Eunsang‘s label, Brand New Music, made the exciting announcement that he will finally be making his debut as a solo artist!

The debut is set for August 31, with the song titled “Beautiful Scar”. Brand New Music stated that the song is a narration of the artist’s personal growth from a “painful scar and wound”.

The company also released a couple teaser images, with quotes such as “I just wanna sing” and “You’re still as beautiful as ever” along with an image of a flower.

This debut comes after the unfortunate early disbandment of the group X1, which was formed with the finalists of the competition show Produce X 101. After releasing their first and only music video, “Flash”, in August 2019, the group was forced to disband in January of this year due to allegations about voting being rigged on the show.

Congratulations to Lee Eunsang for this move forward in his career! The song is sure to be a hit from this talented artist.